A Passion For

Helping Others Shine

Key Skills and Specializations

Website Design

Developing websites has always been a passion of mine, and something that I always get excited to see come to life. I've designed many websites primarily with WordPress, but have used Joomla! and Drupal in the past as well.

Customer Support

With years of experience in customer service, I have a desire to help customers find a solution to their needs. I have worked in both B2C and B2B customer support roles ranging from general to technical questions.

Software Development

I develop an internal application with Microsoft Access for my current position. I've worked on developing custom plugins and solutions for WordPress. Outside of this I maintain (or have maintained) my own servers with VPS systems like Digital Ocean and Lightsail, Azure, as well as explored other coding programs like Visual Studio, Unreal Engine, and Unity.


Leadership has always gone beyond managerial positions. While I am not a manager at my current job, I am an avid leader in helping build teamwork in several departments. I constantly find new ways to help grow morale as well as find ways to support my co-workers. I am also involved in several leadership positions at my church.


Bachelor of Science - Business Management
Empire State College 2015

Key Classes:

Software Experience

Professional Experience

Stewart's Shops - Shop Services (2014-Present)

Stewart's Shops - Appliance Repair (2007-2014)

Hannaford - Front End Supervisor (2003-2007)

Freelance Experience

WDWNT WordPress Developer (2019-present)

Full Gospel Network Website Administrator (2013-present)

Sundered Galaxy President (2016-2018)

Volunteer Experience

Royal Ranger Commander (2011-present)

Family Fun Day Coordinator (2015 & 2016)

Drama Coordinator (2012-2015)